Full control for production plants and industrial automation with octoplant

versiondog PLC, SCADA Backup and Monitoring

Automation Cybersecurity, Monitoring, Backup and Recovery

Modern mining and manufacturing businesses are highly automated and rely on automation assets to keep the production processes running optimally. With increasing levels of automation and IoT assets, management and protection of these assets is a critical consideration to maximise and ensure production availability and increase OEE.

Octoplant from AUVESY-MDT is the next generation evolution of the versiondog software. Backed by Hg Capitol, Auvesy-MDT is ensuring that OT system are monitored and managed to provide the details of where, why and when changes are made and remove risk to availability and high quality of production.


AcuSYS Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd has been installing and supporting this solution in Southern Africa for more than 12 years. Building on this experience across mining, automotive, food and beverage, utilities, pharmaceutical and other industries, we (and our partners) are in an outstanding position help you get the most from your octoplant subscription. 

We and our supplier AUVESY-MDT are your partners for maximum reliability, minimum downtime, high quality, and safety standards in industrial automation. As the global market leader for manufacture-independent version control and change management software, we provide you with answers to the increasing complexity of the Industrial Internet of Things.

AUVESY - MDT, the author of Octoplant, is based in Germany.
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