TrendMiner - Next generation productivity in Industrial Analytics

TrendMiner LogoTrendMiner enables production experts in the process manufacturing industries to analyze, monitor and predict operational performance with use of sensor-generated time-series data. These operational experts, and all the use cases they have worked on over the years, have been very influential in bringing new TrendMiner capabilities to market quickly.

TrendMiner Provides interfaces to leading historians such as:

  • OSIsoft PI
  • Aspentech IP21
  • Honeywell PhD
  • GE Proficy
  • Yokogawa Exaquantum
  • ODBC and OLEDB Generic

In order to assist process engineers to realise the value of their investment and quickly fault find and understand process relationships without the need for advanced modelling. 



More and more data is being gathered daily from instruments, sensors and devices.

How can you turn real time data into real time performance optimization?


Advanced analytics requires expert knowledge of the asset and process behavior.

Is it really necessary to build complex data models for every case?


Process engineers are not data scientists, and vice versa.

Can you empower process and asset experts with analytics to let them help transform your business?


Improving profitability requires acceleration of change.

How can you quickly embed an advanced analytics solutions in your organization and successfully manage the change?