Open Automation Software (OAS) - Robust Data Capture and Reporting

Open Automation Software (OAS) is a suite of .NET products providing a platform for real-time solutions. OAS is a strong solution for the capture of real-time information into most of the modern databases including MS SQL, InfluxDB, Oracle, Cassandra, My SQL, Postgres and others for trending analytics or reporting applications.

If you have some unique requirements that require a very customised solution (legacy integration, model execution, capture data for analysis) then OPC Systems .NET is the flexible, cost-effective and easy to use option.


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  • Robustly (store and forward) log Real-time data from multiple sources to multiple SQL databases.
  • Use the report designer to create simple or complex reports that can be delivered via email and on schedule.
  • Share data with OPC Servers, OPC Clients, .NET applications, SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and MySQL using your LAN, WAN, and the Internet.
  • Create Real-time applications using MS Visual Studio for WinForms, Web, and WPF solutions.
  • Provide OPC Tunnelling (OPC Tunneller) with 128bit encryption and binary compression to distribute real-time data with ease.


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