Automation, Operations & ERP Integration

Make Industry 4.0 happen today in your business. OPC Router connects your industrial and business systems with its powerful system plug-ins enabling system integration with ease!

OPC Router offers automated data exchange as middleware and central communication platform by integrating systems and stand-alone solutions. From plant process solutions such as PLC (via OPC DA / OPC UA) to business and ERP solutions (SAP Certified Plugin) and all stops in-between.

Download a fully functional, demo version.

RFID AutoID Access Control

See in the video how the OPC router solves Dan’s problems!

  • Standards
    The router is based on standard interfaces for data exchange across all automation and business levels.

  • Optimization
    The recording of process values, production figures, downtimes and -reasons or consumption, provide you with the basis for optimizing your production.

  • Event Driven
    Connectivity between automated systems is event-driven.

  • Graphical Interface
    Individual connections and transfers are created via a user-friendly graphical configuration.

  • Middleware
    Regularly updated middleware for your IoT- and Industry 4.0-projects.

  • Diagnostics
    Route execution time and values transferred can be monitored in real-time for details diagnostic reducing hidden code and time lost to complex troubleshooting.