OPC Router – Industrial Integration / Middleware

The central Industry 4.0 platform enables data exchange in your networked production processes to be automated and optimised. The OPC Router connects systems vertically and horizontally, from sensors and controls to ERP and the cloud, from printers and scales to MES, SCADA or LIMS. Find the solution for your connectivity project from the multitude of plug-ins.

OPC Router offers automated data exchange as middleware and central communication platform by integrating systems and stand-alone solutions. From plant process solutions such as PLC (via OPC DA / OPC UA) to business and ERP solutions (SAP Certified Plugin) and all stops in-between. The acquisition of process data gives you a continuous overview of your production.

OPC Router simplicity requires no IT skills or expertise, enabling efficient time-to-market implementation of the solution, resulting in cost savings from the software development phase of the overall project.


Download a fully functional, demo version.

RFID AutoID Access Control