TrakSYS Operations Management Software

Introduction - TrakSYS by Parsec

TrakSYS is a software framework for delivery of manufacturing operation management (MOM) solutions used by more than 11,000 plants in over 100 countries. TrakSYS proves a flexible framework built on Microsoft .NET Core and builds on Microsoft technology.

Parsec is recognised by industry analysts like Gartner as the leading solution for Smart Manufacturing (Gartner - Critical Capabilities for Manufacturing Execution Systems - July 2023)

International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Business Value Study on TrakSYS reveals transformative ways manufacturers leverage the platform to drive significant business outcomes and advantages. The study over several TrakSYS customers revealed result of 454% three-year ROI, a materials cost savings of up to $2.32M, and an additional $3.25M to annual revenue (Download Report).

The pressure to increase quality and productivity, while reducing costs, has manufacturers seeking a deeper understanding of trends and patterns. TrakSYS aggregates data from multiple sources to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence for significant quality and productivity improvement – while leveraging existing assets, resources, and infrastructure.

Built to be quickly deployed with out-of-the-box functionality, TrakSYS comes with a comprehensive set of features that have been designed from the ground up to address manufacturers’ most pressing needs. By activating a combination of the TrakSYS pre-built application frameworks, manufacturing managers can see more, know more, and do more. 

TrakSYS is an integrated platform that provided a single solution for multiple requirements reducing the need to purchase multiple, different software solutions. The modular nature of TrakSYS brings complete flexibility to deploy only the functions desired, without a software upgrade required. TrakSYS business solutions include OEE, SPC, e-records, maintenance, traceability, workflow, batch processing, sustainability, labour and more.

We and our TrakSYS certified partners are available to meet and discuss your MOM requirements; following an initial meeting we will be able to provide some insight and suggestions for your road forward.

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About Parsec

Parsec is the developer of TrakSYS, a leading real-time manufacturing operations management software platform. Manufacturing companies worldwide rely on Parsec for flexible and configurable software to manage and execute manufacturing operations across the value stream more effectively. Without production disruption, TrakSYS helps manufacturers to significantly improve asset utilization and efficiency, increase capacity with no new capital equipment, reduce production costs, decrease lead time, and improve profitability. With measurable ROI, TrakSYS delivers the bottom-line results that manufacturing companies are looking for.

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