vNode Connectivity: Industrial IoT Gateway
IIoT and Industry 4.0 ready

vNode IoT Gateway provides a fully industrial connectivity combined with mayor IoT protocols to make a plug and play solution, that could be installed in any OS systems, including embedded devices.

vNode is an Industrial IoT Gateway, meant to easily process your automation systems data, and help you integrate it with SCADA systems, IoT Solutions, Internet of Things Platforms, and in general any software solutions used in industrial automation.

vNode it’s a modular platform, meant to be adapted to specific needs of each project using different modules, divided along 4 categories:

  • Input connectivity - Providing an Edge solution connectivity through multiple protocols and industrial devices.

  • Data management - Collect, keep and manage the data for alarming, analytics and history.

  • Data delivery - Publish or send data to multiple system, services and applications over different IT or IoT protocols.

  • Core technology - Web based solution within a reliable, scalable and unlimited features.