Why TrendMiner
Centurion South Africa
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Why use TrendMiner rather than just doing things the same old way it's always been done?


  • Searching for the relevant information on large historians is time consuming
  • The value of data is decreasing over time (rather a fix now than in months' time)
  • Data is too often historised in case of (cf. Dark Data leading to large volumes of data to sift through)
  • Knowledge on demand not available: Learning from each other and from historical events quite difficult.
  • Knowledge is leaving the company: Baby-boom exodus “Within the next 10 years 43% of the knowledge workers in the industry will retire"


TrendMiner brings tools for the average user enabling them to achieve success rapidly in a environment that traditionally required power users and months of data analysis.

TrendMiner works out of the box connection directly to industry leading historians to deliver value without the need for a resource draining project.