Job and WIP Management
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Manage work-in-process in real time

Many manufacturing companies use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to manage work or production orders. Based on customer demand for specific products, production runs are planned and scheduled. In most cases, there is a disconnect between planning and scheduling jobs and their execution for manufacturing. This disconnect causes wasted time and significant delays in the fulfillment of production orders. The remedy is to have a well-coordinated and bidirectional exchange of manufacturing intelligence between the planning and execution systems.


Job and WIP Management by TrakSYS™

TrakSYS Value in Job and WIP Management

  • Significantly improve the effectiveness of planning and scheduling
  • Provide real time insight into production progress at the ERP level
  • Optimize inventory turns and material usage
  • Reduce WIP, rework, and scrap
  • Reduce the overall production lead time
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Drive sustainable growth and profitability

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