Sustainability and Energy Management
Centurion South Africa
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Reduce carbon imprint and drive business value

There are limited natural resources (such as oil) available to meet the growing energy needs of the world. As this worldwide demand grows, so will the cost of energy and the impact on the environment. This is a major problem. The solution lies in both innovation and conservation. Innovation leads to new technologies that will allow more effective conversion of other abundant natural resources like wind and solar to useable forms of energy. Conservation will make it possible to use what is available more efficiently and responsibly.


Sustainability and Energy Management by TrakSYSk™

TrakSYS Value in Sustainability and Energy Management

  • Understand the economic impact of energy consumption
  • Uncover factors that adversely impact energy consumption
  • Understand the correlation between demand and consumption by assets, personnel, SKUs, and maintenance
  • Learn the true impact of production and workflow problems on energy consumption
  • Use actionable intelligence to drive sustainability and profitability

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