Performance Management
Centurion South Africa
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Drive Lean, Six Sigma, OEE, and Continuous improvement

It is a performance-driven world. Customers demand it. Shareholders demand it. Business analysts demand it. Company executives demand it. There is no question that lack of performance has serious ramifications. As competitive pressures escalate, costs of doing business increase, regulatory requirements become more stringent, and expectations for doing more with less become standard business mantra. Successful companies cannot afford to underperform.


Performance Management by TrakSYS™

TrakSYS Value in Performance Management

  • Improved visibility: real-time and historical; organized by preference
  • Analytics – standard and user-defined/modeled
  • Methodical and non-intrusive involvement of various resources (operators, planners, managers, etc.), at the right time, for constructive interaction, problem resolution and recording of the corrective action
  • Ranking and sorting of improvement opportunities: overall and by discipline
  • Benchmarking of performance and improvements
  • Gain a single version of the truth for improvement through standard and user-defined KPIs and reporting (OEE, TEEP, CPQ, MTBF, MTTR, etc.)
  • Increase capacity utilization, get more out of what you have, with measurable ROI

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