Inventory and Materials Management
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Manage inventory based on demand production capacity

Manufacturers have a lot at stake when it comes to inventory. Not having the materials and parts needed to fulfill customer orders can be very costly. Conversely, the cost of having too much or the incorrect mix of materials and parts in inventory must be carefully evaluated as well. Because of lack of timely and accurate information about consumption patterns, lead times, yields, and asset utilization, many manufacturers err on the side of caution by stocking more than is required to meet production demand and variability in output.


Inventory Management by TrakSYS

TrakSYS Value in Inventory and Materials Management

  • Improve JIT supply model
  • Allow paperless Kanban
  • Optimize on-hand inventory levels
  • Rank suppliers in terms of best price to value performance
  • Reduce capital tied up in excess inventory and drive costs down
  • Improve on-time fulfillment of customer orders

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