Versiondog Introduction
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versiondog 605x200Versiondog from Auvesy GmbH is a backup and versioning solution that allows businesses to apply good governance practices to all automation software and project files. Versiondog users are able to pro-actively reduce risks associated to automation solutions (PLC, HMI) that control the mining or manufacturing process.

The business risks resulting from software changes are clearly understood by engineering staff. Without a formal solution it is almost impossible to effectively manage changes to online automation programs and the risks your business faces are;

Compromised personnel Safety

  • Expensive Assets can be damaged
  • Extended production losses due to slow disaster recovery after automation failure
  • Process disruptions that can lead to poor quality product or rejects


Versiondog provides automation engineers the tools they need to apply the automation governance needed to insure;

  • The current program version is always secure and available to authorised users. Version control allows recovery from previous documented archives.
  • All changes are documented and recorded with the users details.
  • Process Control engineers are able to quickly determine the changes between online and offline programs and previous program versions
  • Versiondog allows IT departments to apply the governance required to manage the many different automation programs and configuration files typical excluded
  • Using advanced features such as "Automatic upload and Compare" the current device software running in programmable logic controllers can be compared to the current version to detect tampering or save improvements made directly on the process control device.
  • The risk of knowledge loss due to employee changes is removed and Versiondog provides a life cycle management tool for all the site process control software at a price that we result in rapid payback.


Auvesy, the author of versiondog, is based in Germany and is a
private company with a long pedigree in this domain.
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Siemens recommends versiondog
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