Devices Supported
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Versiondog supports most major process control devices and software applications. 
Versiondog smart compare functionality presents detailed comparisons of HMI or PLC project changes detailing for example tag or script changes in a manner that reflects the atual software editor (for example InTouch, CiTect, Step 7, etc..)

Benefits include;

  • No extra editor software (Step 7, InTouch, etc.) required avoiding increased costs
  • Rapid and responsive compare functionality (no need to wait for external applications to load)
  • Simplifies installation as only versiondog is required


Image showing panes of component tree, archived versions and differences on highlighted item.
(Wonderware InTouch 10 Example)

Note the support for many devices is build directly into versiondog and does not require special software to be installed in order to provide detailed tree browsing of the application and version differences. 
This reduces the investment cost as users do not have to purchase extra third party development licenses.


InTouch Smart Compare

Below is a list of smart compares currently available. New devices are supported with each new release of versiondog.


  • Siemens S5
  • Siemens S7 (Multi-project support)
  • Siemens TIA Portal
  • Siemens PCS 7
  • IBH S5 for Windows
  • Rockwell RSLogix 5, RSLogix 500 and RSLogix 5000
  • Schneider Modsoft, Concept
  • Schneider Unity
  • 3S CoDeSys (SoftSPS)
  • ABB Freelance 800F
  • AEG A250, A500
  • Allen Bradley ACD
  • AMT NT, XP
  • Atlas Copco
  • Beckhoff TwinCat
  • Bosch CPS 21
  • B&R Automation Studio
  • Copadata Zenon
  • GE Proficy Machine Edition
  • INAT
  • Indramat CLM
  • Mitsubishi MELSOFT GX Works2
  • Omron PLC systems *
  • Pilz Safety, PSS032, PSSPG, WinPro
  • Phoenix Contact PC Worx
  • Sick PLS


  • Siemens Protool, WinCC, WinCC Flexible
  • Siemens TIA Portal for STEP 7
  • Copa-Data zenon
  • Wonderware InTouch
  • Wonderware System Platform (ArchestrA, Backup Only)*
  • GE iFix
  • Copa-Data zenon
  • Schneider Citect
  • Adroit **
  • Open Automation Software


  • Danfoss
  • Indramat DDS, Drivetop (Ecodrive)
  • SEW Moviedrive
  • Siemens Simatic Simodrive


  • ABB
  • KUKA
  • GE Fanuc
  • Adept
  • Cognex DataMan *
  • Kistler maXYmos
  • Lenze 8400 protec SL-HL
  • Mitsubishi MELFA robots
  • Motoman
  • SEW Movitools
  • SICK scanners*
  • Siemens SINUMERIK 840D
  • Visual Basic
  • Windows.ini
  • C++ / Pascal

Office Tools

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel 2007, 2010
  • Adobe PDF
  • HTML, XML files

General and Other Devices

  • Siemens Bus Configuration COM Profibus, CP143, ET200
  • Simatics S7 Library
  • Simatics S7 Multiproject
  • Universal (User customisable)

Universal Support

  • ASCII, Binary
  • XML

Network Switches

  • Siemens Scalance switches (X-2xx and X3xx)
  • Hirschmann


* Components currently in development Roadmap
** No smart compare