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AcuSYS Introduction

provides software solutions to the mining and manufacturing sectors to monitor and backup automation devices (PLC's), capture data for production reporting and regulatory requirement, capture OEE and performance information, support production reporting, enable track and trace and other Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) applications

Typical benefits that can be expected are;

  • Reduced manufacturing waste (reduced cycle time, increased yield, increased uptime)
  • Increases in availability and capacity utilisation
  • Reduced risk of revenue loss due to automation failure (backups, versioning and change control)
  • Improved Employee productivity (information delivery)
  • Real-time Personnel notification based on configured rules (email, SMS)
  • Real-time visibility of production work orders, inventory, production losses and cost impact


Because we understand that software selection cannot be made on marketing promises alone and to reduce perceived investment risks for our clients we provide the following;
    • Consultative discussion of business problem to be addressed
    • Provide recommendations, references or solution pilot
    • Help customers motivate the investment based on sound results and value propositions
    • Assist through the implementation & ownership journey